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We get it, some of our decorations are, how can I say this nicely – tacky. Why would anyone want their storefront looking like a carnival?

Well, honestly, because it works. It’s simple human nature really. Curiosity is a very powerful thing, my friends. And in a tough economy like today’s, businesses can use all the help they can get, while sticking inside a budget. Why shell out thousands on expensive TV ads or take a gamble with a coupon deal when you can grab customers where it matters most? At your door.

Sure, your store might look like a clown threw up on it, but loud is good. How else can you be seen and heard amongst the others in the concrete jungle? So if you prefer, you can go ahead and keep it “classy”. We’ll be over here, creating excitement and drawing in crowds.

*Side note: If the festival look isn’t your thing, we are happy to cater to your taste and brand image! We realize having a distinct, cohesive image is important and we are happy to tailor to it!

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Last Modified: May 22, 2019 at 5:12 am

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