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Make no mistake – it’s tough for businesses out there. From big name box stores turning out the lights and local businesses closing their doors, it seems no one is immune. So what can be done? There are numerous ways to increase sales, but one of the simplest and most cost effective is to grab customers in their most important decision points – outside your store and inside while shopping. We’ve assembled five ways to wrangle in customers, while keeping an eye on your budget.

  1. Utilize your window space. Displays are a perfect way to spark your customers’ interest if you are in an area with lots of pedestrians, like a mall or popular strip center. Assemble a display that highlights how your product or service can be used. Window clings are also an affordable to way to change up your look on a budget and *bonus* most local municipalities do not regulate signage on the inside of windows.
  2. Keep your parking lot and store front clean and well maintained. Manicured landscapes and a fresh façade give off a look of success and is inviting. It portrays to customers that you care about your store, and you’ll care about them too.
  3. Employ the help of attention-getting devices. It’s not as hard or expensive as it sounds. Promotional flags, banners, pennant lines, and balloons are inexpensive ways to draw attention to your location by peaking the curiosity of all who pass. They can be easily seen from far away, so your location isn’t lost in the crowd. Zoning regulations can apply, and some decorations can be tricky to install, so be sure to do some research or hire an outside company to help.
  4. Once you’ve got costumers inside, are there signs clearly identifying which section is what? How are you communicating current specials, promotions, or holiday deals? Chloroplast and foam board signs are affordable ways to communicate with your customers. They can act as mini sales people, directing and informing patrons. If you have an effective sign hanging system, such as Clik-Clik™, employees can easily switch out signs without having to get on a ladder.
  5. Offer free samples, put on demonstrations, or display your best product outside your store front. This will create a low pressure, welcoming feel and encourage consumers to interact with your products. It can generate interest without even getting them inside. If they like what they see, this will get them in the door!

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