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Colors – yes, they’re pretty and everyone has a favorite. But did you know – it’s possible for them to influence your mood and alter your perceptions?

Let me explain further. It has been observed that being in a room painted a warm color (such as orange or red) can cause people to perceive the room as warmer than it is actually. The opposite is true of rooms painted in cool colors (blue or light purple). (Morin, 2014)

It’s also been studied that the color green causes broader thinking and fosters creativity (Morin, 2014). Not surprising considering green is the primary color seen in nature. Green = nature = adventure and possibilities (… or something like that).

Other surprising color psychology facts are: Blue is the favorite (think blue skies and fresh water). Yellow is generally disliked, pink tends to calm the nerves, and white is boring. Huh… who knew? (Morin, 2014)

So why does color matter where work is concerned? Take a minute to consider where you see color? Um, everywhere! The effects of color touch everything: the room you are sitting in, your desktop background, company logo and website, even your email signature!

How is color making your customer, clients, or employees’ feel?

Morin, Amy. “How To Use Color Psychology To Give Your Business An Edge.” Forbes. LLC, 4 Feb 2014 Web. 7 Feb 2014.

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