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Bringing your dog to work is more common that you might believe. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, ASAP Event Advertising is one of the 20% of American companies that have adopted a pet-friendly workplace policy. Studies have proven that it lowers employee stress levels.

Dogs and humans have been working together for thousands of years, dating back to the prehistoric caveman era. Naturalist Mark Derr wrote that dogs and humans worked together for hunting purposes, feeding off each other’s skills and evolved into close allies throughout the years.

If you are like me, stress levels definitely decrease when I have my friendly pooch by my side. It makes me realize why I’m working as hard as I do. After all, the amenities in life are why I get up early mornings and shuffle into work. As I gaze into my Bonnie dog’s eyes, I find that it helps me get through those hectic days that we all experience on occasion. Going for a walk together during my lunch hour brings a serenity that I could not find elsewhere, making me feel recharged and ready to complete my day.

I do recall working for a non-pet friendly workplace when I was in Georgia and having to sneak my pooch into the office due to a medical emergency. It was my turn to buy the donuts, and to my horror that morning, I discovered my silly pooch ate them all. Nobody could help me on such short notice. The veterinarian’s office wasn’t open yet and calling off work or coming in late was not an option. I had serious deadlines to make that morning. Too many people were depending upon me. I’ll never forget my manager’s puzzled expression upon hearing, “woof-woof-woof” From under my desk. That made for a funny moment. My co-workers and I collaborated together, shuffling my pooch from office to office, evading our manager’s investigation until I could flee to the veterinarian’s office during my lunch.

Tonight, as I chased my Bonnie dog three doors down, feeling the need to explore our neighborhood, I found myself wondering why I became a pet owner. Tonight while I compose this blog, I watch my Bonnie sleeping in the sun on the sofa by my side. Then it hits me. I realize that she really is on my side.

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