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Aesthetic flaws beware – she will find you, and she will perfect you. Brooke is a visual purist – this can be observed in her Excel spreadsheets and notes, all which follow strict font and color rules. Her desk is in a state of beautiful disorder.

A crookedly hanging picture is Brooke’s version of nails on a chalkboard.

She an expert at taking an idea and bringing it to life. Working in harmony with the other sales team members to develop out of the box marketing ideas to accomplish what ASAP does best – garner attention.

Her realist attitude balances her imaginative side. She understands which product will complement each piece of a client’s brand image. That a roadside flag needs to be simple enough for motorist to read, but unique enough to catch their attention. How a horizontally oriented logo can work in harmony with the vertical layout of a flag.

She an essential part of the well-oiled machine that is ASAP. Our own “advertising signage Michelangelo”. For as much art as she creates, it makes sense that the entire US is essentially her gallery. Just look for our Adverflags® to find her work!

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