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You’re looking at ASAP’s version of Olivia Pope. There is nothing this woman can’t handle. Whether it’s a client seeking a solution to their promotional problems, an installer wondering how to position a difficult location, or an employee wondering how to juggle multiple priorities, Brit has an answer. And probably the right one.

From warehouse work to project management, she has held virtually every position at ASAP. Relying on previous experience, solutions are never based off pretending to know what it’s like. She’s the force behind the company – pushing for what’s next, what’s better. This forward thinking is all encompassing at ASAP, from supplying the latest technology, facilitating positive and open company culture, and encouraging continued education for her employees.

Keeping two feet on the ground, eyes focused forward, she orchestrates office activity with intrinsic skill and good sense. She’s got it handled!

Last Modified: May 22, 2019 at 5:30 am

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