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If that just made your stomach drop, you’re not alone. I think it’s safe to say there are a lot of Monday-haters out there. I get it – it’s hard to come back to work after a fun weekend. Monday means back to the daily grind. For the next five days.

So, what can we do about it?

I’ve learned to appreciate a few things about my workweek. To start, I like the structure of it all. You might think that sounds terrible, but just bear with me. Lets say you have an off day, and your schedule is free. You probably have a list of all the productive things you want to get done that day. But my guess is a few to none will get accomplished because the entire day will be spent binge watching something on Netflix.

If I have all day to do something, it will probably get done last minute, if at all. However, if I’m forced to make due with every hour I’ve got, suddenly I’m superwoman. I can work all day, go for a run, stop at the grocery, and even have time to sit down and watch a movie. And it feels great! It doesn’t matter who you are – that sense of accomplishment feels so rewarding.

Something else I find helpful is to start small and look for pleasure in the little things. For example, enjoying your morning coffee or telling your co-workers a funny story from your weekend can make Monday morning a little less gloomy. Give yourself a “Monday” treat – whether that is going out with friends or making your favorite dinner or dessert. Looking forward to something can make Monday seem a little less like a waste of a day.

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