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What a ride…

Well, it certainly doesn’t seem like 35 years!

On Friday April 12, 1985 I drove to Cleveland, OH with a group of friends to attend the Indians baseball home opener the next day. On our ride up from Cincinnati, in the backseat of Greg Steller’s Oldsmobile Cutlass, thus began the planning of a new business venture. Within the week I had secured a business trade name, attended a SCORE seminar on how to start a business (which they still conduct) and received a bank loan to fund the startup.

After a year and a half of working part-time on the fledgling enterprise, I tendered my resignation from the semi-secure corporate world I had become accustomed to and rode off into the land of entrepreneurship full time. I had literally no clue what adventures lay ahead and neither did my soon to be bride Betsy, who has been with me the entire ride. We simply would not be here today without her patience & wise counsel.

From the beginning, I have held onto the belief that our products and services – in small and sometimes BIG ways – actually work by helping our customers attract their customers. Despite the missteps that occur over such a long time, this belief has been proven through results in the marketplace: increased store traffic and improved $ales!

And so back to “the ride” where it started …. 35 years ago! A big shout out and THANK YOU to employees, customers, vendors, contractors, advisors and most importantly my family. Along with my business partner, Brittany Ulrich and everyone at ASAP Event Advertising, we hope to continue to earn your trust and support in the years ahead.

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